Here is an overview on all Suzuki Nine Knights presented by G-SHOCK category winners:

Athlete categories:

  • Ruler of the week: Anthon Thelander (SWE)
  • Trick of the week: Shervy Pasamonte (SPA/INSANE SUPERMAN)
  • Best Trick on contest day: Yannick Graniere (FRA/BIG FLIP DOUBLEWHIP)
  • Best Line contest day: Martin Söderström (SWE)
  • Highest Hip Air: Kurt Sorge (CAN), Andi Wittmann (GER)
  • Best Whip: Louis Reboul (FRA)
  • Contour Relay Race: Kurt Sorge (CAN), Pierre Edouard Ferry (FRA)

The young swede Anton Thelander enjoying his brand new DOTZ RIMS for the “OVERALL” category!

Also Shervy taking home some brand new rims for the best trick of the week!!!

Kurt Sorge and Pierre Edouard Ferry taking some limeted edition G-SHOCK´S for beeing the fastest team in the Contour relay race!

His flip double whip won Yannick Granieri a deserved first place in the best trick categors but it was a rather close victory. Norwegian Olav Fjaere almost celebrated a world premiere by just barely missing landing the very first flip triple whip. Even without a clean landing, this trick was nothing short of a sensation but no match for the Frenchman’s clean execution.

The prize for the best line went to the rider who best used the course and showed the best run overall. Martin Soderstrom clearly deserved the title for this one. He was one of the very few who showed a trick on the second hit, in this case a barspin. The Swede dropped off the castle with a 360 table and launched an impressive 360 tuck to tailwhip off the big kicker.

Louis Reboul is one of the riders who secured a spot on the rider’s list with his submission to the Contour Wanna be a Knight contest. All newcomer knights delivered a solid performance at the contest and Louis promptly whipped himself into first place.

Several riders had more than decent airtime on the big kicker, but nobody had more air under their tires than host Andi Wittmann and Kurt Sorge. They both cleared almost nine meters from the ground and made it impossible for the judges to pick the higher jump. Both definitely earned the number one spot.

Photo categories:

  • Best Action Shot Big Air: Stef Cande (FRA)
  • Best Action Shot trail: Daniel Rönnbäck (SWE)
  • Best Black&White: Carlos Blanchard (ESP)
  • Best Creative Angle: Daniel Rönnbäck (SWE)
  • Best Lifestyle: Markus Greber (Ger)
  • Best “Wildkogel” Shot: Stef Cande (FRA)

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